20 September

Junior Software Developer

About Social Honey

Social Honey is an exciting, growing Irish startup based in Dublin. We started in 2014 by being selected from over 500 applicants to attend Rockstart Accelerator in Amsterdam, and moved the team to Dublin in 2015. The founders worked on some of the world’s largest traffic airline sites across the US and Europe. They chose to apply those big data analysis skills within the media industry to analyze and optimize audience behaviours for publishers.

We tackle some of the most difficult traffic collection and analysis problems in media in real time using a cutting edge technology stack with R&D at its core.

We are venture funded, work with famous international websites, newspapers and TV companies, and we’re looking forward to lots of growth over the next few years. We've been selected as one of Ireland's top 100 startups for 2 years in a row and were shortlisted for a Spider in 2016. We are now excited to be expanding our team to help our customers gather actionable learning from their audience consumption behaviour.

We’re looking for a junior software developer and are open to people with a hunger for knowledge and application thereof. They love to solve problems and to ensure that those solutions see the light of day. They are committed to clearly communicating their ideas and promoting collaboration with the team. A self starter is a must.

We use the following technologies, so we’re looking for people who are proficient in some of the following:

  • Java
  • Javascript / AngularJS / NodeJS / D3JS
  • HTML / CSS
  • Python / Go
  • Postgres / Cassandra DB
  • Redis / Ignite Cache
  • Apache Spark

In return you can expect:

  • A competitive remuneration package
  • Flexible working hours
  • Employee options - a share in the company's growth
  • CPD and continuous learning support
  • Gym Membership
  • Health Insurance
  • Paid Maternity / Paternity Leave
  • The chance to shape the company's culture

You will primarily report to the CTO. Another key relationship will be with the lead Data Scientist. You will work in the same room as everyone else, and will get to know everyone on a personal level.

Most of the team work from 9am/10am - 5pm/6pm but we are flexible with the needs of staff. It's about reaching goals here, not watching the clock.

We can offer an opportunity to accelerate your professional experience faster than you could elsewhere. You will be given as many responsibilities as you are willing to take upon yourself, and with which you have proven some ability. Since our company is growing fast, opportunities to expand your experience will never stop, and we will be able to continuously make sure that everyone has a what they need to grow.

Please apply here.