25 October

Data Analysts (internship)

Risk System, an exciting, dynamic, young company that provides cutting edge risk management analytics to hedge funds and mutual funds around the world via their proprietary cloud based risk engine, are looking for a few interns to join the team immediately. So if you have watched Billions, or read The Big Short, and want to get a priceless peek inside the exciting world of high-finance why not channel your inner Bobby Axelrod and get in touch. If you can code so much the better - we also like people who enjoy big-data challenges, think numerically and enjoy problem solving.

This job is based in Dublin, Ireland so you need to be living in Ireland and able to travel to Dublin City Centre to work. DO NOT APPLY IF YOU CAN NOT WORK IN DUBLIN IMMEDIATELY.

Important: this role will be for an initial period of THREE months - it may or may not lead to a permanent role - if you are a good fit we will likely keep you on as we are expanding rapidly. We will pay an hourly rate depending on experience and suitability.

Please apply here.